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On two and a half acres we grow three different types of Strawberries. Strawberry Season begins in March and goes till June possibly longer depending on the weather. The patch is open Sunday through Saturday for picking. We also offer Field trips. 

In order to get ready for strawberry season we have to plant the berries in October. It gives the plants time to establish a good root system to make it through the winter.  


Around June our Blueberry and Blackberries start ripening enough for us to open the patch for you pickers. 

We have four varieties of blueberries. Our personal favorite is the Titan. They produce large blueberries that most of the time are larger than a quarter. But don't pick them till they are good and big or you will be in for a not so sweet treat.

Don't forget the Blackberries. These are probably the hugest berries you will ever pick. After full ripening some will get as big as your thumb and talk about SWEET!


We still grow all the veggies that we started growing many years ago. We have a t acre garden year round that we rotate with what is in season.


From March till late fall we also grow spring onions, Georgia sweets, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, red potatoes, kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, string beans, butter beans, bell peppers, okra, sweet corn, watermelon, and Cantaloupe.


With over 400 hives of Honey Bees we have some of the best Raw Local Honey. We offer Honey year round. Some of our favorites is the Spring Honey off our Strawberry and vegetable patch. It's a light clear honey with not a strong taste. But for those who love a strong honey we offer wildflower offer from right here in Sumter and Clarendon County. Another unique flavor you must try is the fall honey off the local cotton fields. 

We offer our Local Raw Honey in Quarts, Pints, 8oz bears, and Honey Straws. For special requests or bulk orders please contact us.
We will have fresh Elderberry Syrup Frid

We grow and harvest our own Elderberries to make Elderberry Syrup, Gummies, and DIY Kits.

What makes our elderberry syrup better than everyone else?

The Berries are grown here on the farm and we use our Raw Honey to sweeten it.

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