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With farming over 15 years not once had we considered pollinators to have on the farm. After starting growing strawberries and reading several articles how important pollinators were we decided to invest in some Honey Bees. With adding ten hives of bees to the vegetable garden and strawberry patch we saw a huge increase in fruit production.
But if you know anything about Beekeeping you know that ten hives double then you have twenty and they never stop multiplying which is a good problem to have as long as you can keep up with them.
A good strong colony can swarm several times a year if you let them. What is a swarm? When the hive gets crowded the Queen Bee will lay Queen cells. A day or two before the cell is to hatch the Queen Bee will take half of the honey bees and some resources and leave the hive. So the next time you see a lot of bees in the air or clumped on a tree, house, or any little crevice that is what we call a swarm. 
But do not panic! Leave them be and they will leave you be. They are just looking for a new home. So what should  you Do?  You should call your local Beekeeper!
Don't know where or who to contact? Call your local Clemson Extension Agent. Even some Pest Exterminators should know a local beekeeper.
Did you know that there is eight species of Honey bees on the endangered species list? Exterminators are technically not allowed to spray honey bees so make sure to call your local Beekeeper and save the Honey bees! Most Beekeepers will remove them for free or a small fee.
If you are near Sumter or Clarendon county Please give us a call. We will remove the Honey Bees for Free!
Depending on the size of the swarm they will go in a Nuc box or a Ten frame box. What is a Nuc? A Nuc is a small box with only five frames in it so the smaller hive can get established. A ten frame box you can guess has ten frames in it and is better suited for larger more established hive. You ask why does it matter? Well if you put a small hive in a large box before they are ready they will have a harder time protecting themselves from other bees or even the cold. 

Pictured above is a Swarm Removal being placed in a Nuc Box.

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