• Kristen Dorr

My favorite Cabbage recipe!

You would be surprised how many people do not like cabbage! Like what? How can someone not like cabbage? Maybe they just don't know how to cook it!

So here we go! You will need

1- Medium size cabbage

1- pack of kielbasa sausage

10 to 15 medium size potatoes (I prefer the little red potatoes)

2- Medium size Onions

Salt, Pepper, and your favorite seasoning.

The great thing about this recipe is it is a one pot mess! Pull out your cutting board and a good knife. Cut the cabbage into to quarters to make it easier to cut into bite size pieces. Cut the sausage into nice bite size pieces. Cut the onion up how ever you like it, I slice it. I also like to cut the potatoes in half sometimes even quarter them depending how big they are.

I like cutting everything into bite size pieces because nothing is more embarrassing than trying to stuff a giant piece of cabbage into your month when you have company over.

Throw everything into a good size pot. Add your salt, pepper, and your favorite seasoning for flavor. We typically use Chef Leo's Camp Stew Seasoning. If you have not tried it before you need to! We sometimes use old bay seasoning if we don't have Camp Stew. I don't like to recommend how to season things. If your like my brother you like a some potatoes with your seasoning. But if your like Mom you don't even know what the season cabinet is! So I will leave that up to!

Make sure to add water to the pot. You want to make sure that everything is covered in water. Put it on the stove bring it to a boil. I let mine boil for 15 minutes. Once you can stick the potatoes with a fork and they are soft it is ready!

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